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At DST, we believe in providing our customers with sweet treats that are not overly sweet and made from fresh, quality ingredients. There are no additives or preservatives. Customers should know what they are consuming, and more importantly, they can pronounce all of our ingredients. We are unique because our desserts are hand-made, freshly baked and delivered on the same day. We pride ourselves on using the freshest produce and spices. We believe in adding a dash of love to every pie.

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Our Story

Deanie’s Sweet Treats is a family-owned and operated baking company. A mother and son
partnership started in 2021 to fulfill a passion for providing high-quality, delicious, sweet treats and to maintain the legacy of the matriarch of our family, who loved everyone and enjoyed a good meal with family and friends. However, no meal was complete unless it ended with a slice of her signature sweet potato pie. 


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We offer online orders and local deliveries to the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. However, we do not offer online shipping at this time. 

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